Sortation Systems

Make Sure Everything Gets to the Right Place

Our customizable, high-tech sortation systems can divert, transfer and sort any type of package, at any point throughout the order fulfillment process.

Featured Product

Sliding Shoe Sorter

Due to their versatility, shoe sorters are the most popular sortation equipment within the material handling environment. Shoe sorters are typically employed when a wide variety of product sizes, shapes and weights require sorting. They also provide benefits when a product is fragile or easily damaged and gentle movement from the sorter to takeaway lane is required.

Sortation Systems

Tilt-Tray Sorter
Bomb Bay Sorter
Split Tray Sorter
Crossbelt Sorter
Sliding-Shoe Sorter
Pop-up Sorter
Right Angle Transfer Sorter
Narrow Belt Sorter

Why Consider a Sortation System?

Every day, manufacturers and distributors are tasked with sorting millions of different products according to their specific destination. It is a process that faces a number of unique challenges, including, an increase in volumes, shorter processing times, and rising operational costs. A modern day, automated sortation system can help overcome these demands by maximizing productivity, throughput, and accuracy.

What are the Types of Sortation Systems?

Sortation systems can essentially be classified as Linear or Circular depending on the exact use case. And within those categories multiple solutions exist based on the specific number of sort destinations and the throughput capacity needed for a particular application. These solutions consist of simple rolling conveyors or steerable wheel sorters and more complex sliding shoe sorters or circular sorters. Each proving an increasing level of accuracy and flexibility.

Benefits of a Sortation System

  • Low, mid, and high throughput configurations
  • Productivity, efficiency, and accuracy
  • Balanced, synchronized flow
  • Improved operational control
  • Modular design supports future reconfiguration
  • Scalable controls architecture for future growth
  • Operational effectiveness